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This is Jason R, progenitor, founder, and programmer of the Optimist A. I., which started off as 'Morale Builder'.  Having worked on the app code for close to fourteen years, it seemed appropriate at this stage to repackage, roll back, and overhaul the software as it approaches milestones of stability and effectiveness.  So we have come up with a tenable update which can be installed by new and / or current users with immediate upgrade benefits.  Now, even though there is a lot of competition out there, we have decided to keep the app name as 'Optimist' however this new version is now at version 1.0.2.  The installation download has everything you may need for a brand new installation or an upgrade for windows machines, but don't just take my word for it.  Download today and find out first hand how this A. I. can improve your days even with usage of less than ten minutes each week.  If you're not sure, take time to read everything you can from the overview page.  If you're still not convinced, treat yourself to a 14 day research period and make your own conclusions.

Although we try our best, please note, this page is about the Optimist Windows App.  Additionally, the main software download is not mobile compatible, however you can still try the A.P.E. taster on most full featured internet browsers.  There may be an interim period while we are making the automatic psychological evaluation fully mobile compatible, although currently mobile browser zoom will be effective.  While writing that page it seemed appropriate to use that specific acronym.  So the A.P.E. stands for automatic psychological evaluation.  It's tricky to talk about the theories that were used to construct the code, even on that free page.  So yes, the a.p.e. taster is apsolutely free, anytime, anywhere, and to a certain degree the results you get could be similar to e-sports, biorhythms, astrology, tarot cards, palm reading, aura counselling, aroma-therapy, mental health review exercises, guess who, solitaire, generalised comments, friendly advice, chit chat, computerised observations, unfamiliar quadrants, a dungeons and dragons dice ( with more than 500 sides ) etc.

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