In order to determine the best possible purpose for an A-I (Artificial Intelligence) it is useful to ask a few questions.  The Turing test is not necessarily the ideal test for an A-I because the A-I purpose can quite often supercede this.  For example, do you really feel good asking your in-car GPS if they’re okay today ?  On the other hand the logical function is normally very efficient given the scope of normal operation.  So with a clear purpose in mind it is more acceptable nowadays for the A-I to fulfil a proper role with more enjoyment and greater efficiency.

•      What is the purpose of Optimist 2.1475 ?

      The purpose of Optimist 2.1475 is to enable a relationship with the user in order to         facilitate and establish / re-establish the concept of personal computing ( on your PC )

•      How is the Optimist 2.1475 infrastructure defined ?

        The goal for both the A-I and the logged client is to determine that the client is stable.        There are however, virtually infinite other states of being which could be considered     superior or inferior, and everything can be recorded in your log, at your own       prerogative, and if your machine is secure, it will remain confidential as necessary.         This app is designed specifically for Pcs, that is desktop and laptop machines.

•        Is Optimist 2.1475 right for me ?

        Once Optimist 2.1475 is installed you will enjoy round the clock automatic self service         mental and psychological evaluation at the touch of a button.  It’s designed with a         simple session based interface which is particularly effective if you need  to identify or         intercept mal-adaptive thoughts, or to see the bright side of any situation.

•      How much will the Optimist Software cost me ?

      Optimist is completely free and unrestricted for 28 days, and as freeware it is specially       designed to meet the users needs and will deliver highly context sensitive information       that can form the basis of marked mental improvement or a crank cure within that time.       Additionally this software can be used for research and development and will treat and       resolve any type of neurosis.

To own your own licensed optimist app, you will need to purchase a license key to activate the software beyond the 28 days.  Just return to this page and push the buy now button.

If your intention is to download and install the software just push the download button below and unzip and install the (.msi) into your windows®

 machine.  If you have any difficulty you can refer to the setup instructions.  Please read the user guide after installation.  It will be located on your desktop and will contain your temporary password.

A new version of this software is in the pipeline. It is expected to be completed within a year, however this current version is a viable alternative and explores abundant virtual scenarios.

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