Optimist is a purpose built A-I application that delivers context sensitive semantic assistance.  If you are logged in on your own Windows machine, you can use it to create your own desktop diary, to tackle any inhibition, or to engage in therapeutic dialogue.  The proposition here is to participate in this A-I dialogue because of the potential for it to improve your life.  With smooth integration and persisting availability, Optimist is an excellent tool, helping you to be in the best frame of mind while working on your Windows PC.

With a full 14 day risk free trial period, you can evaluate this new version with no restrictions and make your own informed decision about keeping your Optimist installation.  This version (1.04) features :

          •        improved front end interface menu

          •        Preferences menu

          •        Audio guides

          •        Simple help categories

          •        Happiness Ratings ( percentile or graphical display )

Here’s another interesting perspective.  Most people have their own philosophy regarding the relationship between numbers and English (descriptive / narrative ) and perhaps the numbers could also be related to the proverbial bank balance.  However, there is a significant difference between using numbers to improve your English and using English to improve your numbers.  Moreover, numbers actually can be used as an additional source to specify accurate observations and for selecting appropriate phrases and comments.

How ever you make use of your English, it is advisable to use modern techniques, not only to refresh your vocabulary, but also to gain a consistent and logical perspective, thereby keeping up with the trends of today. Give your Windows machine some purpose.  For best results, run the install file as normal and when the Setup Type dialogue displays, select ‘Typical’.

A little A I goes a long way!

System Requirements : 110 mb of hard disk space , Windows Compatible, Optional Audio

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The latest version of Optimist is version 1.04.  You can download Optimist 1.04 for your Windows Machine.  If you have already purchased an activation code for this software, it will still work with this, and all future versions of Optimist.  Please use the download button
Optimist Installation File
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